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Rectangle wheel linear rail accessories OSG

Family Easy Assembly
Axial linear guides achieve standardization and consistency, which is convenient for customers' design and assembly.

Easy interchangeability
Guide blocks and slides are available separately. Interchangeability allows the replacement of damaged or loose parts after prolonged use by the customer.

High-speed smooth and quiet movement
Well-balanced rolling contact between the load rollers and the shaft. Double-row bearings are used to make all components of the bearings perform complete rolling motions, pretending to be linear motions, with the highest speed and no sound.
  • Main Parameter
  • Design Diagram
  • OSG Full set      Guide rail SGR Sliding seat SGB
    H W W1 H2 dp P Shaft
    T m1 m W H1 L B L1 S U K Basic Power Safe load(N)      Power Distance
    Yo Zo Mxo Myo Mzo
    OSG-20 30 60 26 18 6 60 6 1230 12 9.5 5.5 60 12 60 38 38 M5 M4 4.5 700 660 23.03 33.41 35.47 1541
    OSG-25 34 80 30 21 7 60 8 2015 14 11 6.5 80 12 80 51 51 M6 M5 4.5 1000 1400 62.76 95.2 68 2444
    OSG-30 40 100 36 25 9 60 10 2987 15 11 6.5 100 16.5 100 61 61 M8 M6 4.5 1800 2100 105.98 172.54 147.89 3700
    OSG-40 52 130 47 31.5 9 60 12 5216 20 14 9 130 18 130 84 84 M12 M6 6.3 4000 4000 280.64 448 448 6089
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More Information About Rectangle wheel linear rail accessories OSG

The excellence in standardization and consistency is a hallmark of the products manufactured by Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd., a leader in the field of precision machinery and linear motion solutions. In particular, their innovative offering, the "Rectangle Wheel Linear Rail Accessories OSG," embodies these values and much more.

The OSG Advantage:

The OSG, short for "Optimized Standard Guide," is an engineering marvel that seamlessly integrates into various applications where linear motion is paramount. Its key features build upon the principles mentioned earlier, emphasizing easy assembly, interchangeability, and high-speed, smooth, and silent movement.

1. Easy Assembly: The OSG, in line with Zhejiang Huayu's commitment to customer convenience, features a design that facilitates hassle-free installation. Its assembly is not a time-consuming challenge but rather a straightforward process that encourages users to harness its capabilities swiftly. The ease of installation is a significant advantage, reducing downtime and labor costs.

2. Interchangeability: A standout feature of the OSG is its modular design. The guide blocks and slides can be acquired separately, ensuring easy interchangeability. This characteristic provides customers with the flexibility to replace individual components when needed. Over time, as parts endure wear and tear, this feature prolongs the product's life and reduces the overall cost of ownership.

3. High-Speed, Smooth, and Quiet Movement: Zhejiang Huayu has perfected the art of creating a well-balanced rolling contact between the load rollers and the shaft. The OSG employs double-row bearings that facilitate complete rolling motions, mimicking linear motions. The result is a high-speed operation that is virtually silent. This characteristic is invaluable, especially in precision applications where noise can be a detracting factor.

Applications of the OSG:

The versatility of the OSG makes it a prized choice in industries where precision linear motion is critical. It finds its place in CNC machines, automated production lines, semiconductor equipment, and various other precision machinery applications. The OSG, with its remarkable attributes, elevates the performance of these machines, contributing to the precision, efficiency, and reliability of the end products.

The "Rectangle Wheel Linear Rail Accessories OSG" by Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd., is a testament to their dedication to engineering excellence. It encapsulates the values of easy assembly, interchangeability, and high-speed, smooth, and quiet movement. These features not only make it a favored choice among engineers and designers but also underline the commitment of Zhejiang Huayu to providing innovative, practical, and customer-centric solutions in the realm of precision machinery and linear motion technology.

The "Rectangle Wheel Linear Rail Accessories OSG" is the embodiment of Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd.'s commitment to excellence in the realm of precision machinery. With an emphasis on easy assembly, interchangeability, and exceptional high-speed, smooth, and quiet movement, the OSG sets the standard for linear motion solutions. Its adaptability to a variety of applications, including CNC machines, automated production lines, and semiconductor equipment, underscores its versatility and indispensable nature in precision industries. As Zhejiang Huayu continues to innovate, their dedication to engineering marvels like the OSG ensures that customers benefit from superior products that enhance performance, efficiency, and reliability in various fields.