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Ball screw housing FK screw holder engraving machine accessories

FK/FF end supports are sometimes referred to as "flange" styles. There are mounting holes in the flange and the holes in the machine frame receive the round bearing bodies. Bolt the flange to hold in place.
FK "Fixed" end supports consist of two angular contact bearings that provide axial and rotational support for the ball screw.
FF "simple/floating" supports have just a standard ball bearing that provides rotational support at the end of the ballscrew opposite where the drive occurs (usually a motor or pulley).
Our standard ball screws come machined to work with these brackets without modification.
  • Main Parameter
  • Design Diagram
  • Unit:mm
    X Y Z M T
    L1 T2 L1 T2
    FK-6 6 20 7 13 22 22  -0.007
    36 28 28 5.5   3.5 8.5   6.5 3.4 6.5 4 M3 12
    FK-8 8 23 9 14 26 28  -0.007
    43 35 35 7   4 10   7 3.4 6.5 4 M3 14
    FK-10  10 27 10 17 29.5 34  -0.009
    52 42 42 7.5   5 8.5   6 4.5 8 4 M3 16
    FK-12  12 27 10 17 29.5 36  -0.009
    54 44 44 7.5   5 8.5   6 4.5 8 4 M4 19
    FK-15  15 32 15 17 36 40  -0.009
    63 50 52 10   6 12   8 5.5 9.5 6 M4  22
    FK-17  17 45 22 23 47 50  -0.009
    77 62 61 11   9 14   12 6.6 11 10 M4  24
    FK-20  20 52 22 30 50 57  -0.010
    85 70 68 8   10 12   14 6.6 11 10 M4 30
    FK-25  25 57 27 30 60 63  -0.010
    98 8o 79 13   10 20   17 9 15 13 M5  35
    FK-30  30 62 30 32 61 75  -0.010
    117 95 93 11   12 17   18 11 17.5  15 M6  40
    ①Housing ②Bearing ③Holding lid ④ Collar ⑤ Seal ⑥Locknut ⑦ Hexagon socket-headsetscrew(with set piece)
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We are a custom new precision ground ball screw SFY series low friction ball screw supplier and a China Ball screw housing FK screw holder engraving machine accessories company who do OEM/ODM. The company's products are widely used in automation equipment, packaging machinery, printing machinery, food machinery, instruments and apparatus, woodworking machinery, automobile, high-speed railway, engraving machines and other industrial machinery industries. We have a good reputation in the field of automation production both in China and in other countries, and we have supplied to China domestic, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, Australia and other countries. The company regards creating maximum value for customers as its responsibility, and wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality, professional and satisfactory products.

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More Information About Ball screw housing FK screw holder engraving machine accessories

In the world of precision machinery and automation, the role of components like ball screws cannot be overstated. These integral parts ensure the smooth and precise motion of various tools and equipment, and when paired with the right accessories, they elevate the performance and accuracy of machines. Among these crucial components, the Ball Screw Housing FK Screw Holder, designed by Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd., stands out as a key element for achieving exceptional results in engraving machines and similar applications.

Understanding Ball Screws and Their Accessories:

A ball screw is a mechanical device that translates rotational motion into linear motion with minimal friction. It consists of a threaded shaft and a nut, with ball bearings arranged between them. The precision and efficiency of this mechanism are paramount in many industries, including manufacturing, automation, and machining.

The Role of FK Screw Holders:

In the context of ball screws, FK Screw Holders play a pivotal role. These holders are often referred to as "flange" styles due to their flange-like shape, and they are essential for securing and optimizing the performance of ball screws within various machines, especially engraving machines. Here's how FK Screw Holders contribute to precision and efficiency:

1. Mounting Holes: FK Screw Holders feature strategically placed mounting holes within the flange. These holes align with corresponding openings in the machine frame, allowing for the precise attachment of the holder. The result is a stable and secure connection that ensures consistent motion and reduced vibration.

2. FK "Fixed" End Supports: These FK holders consist of two angular contact bearings. These bearings provide both axial and rotational support for the ball screw. This "fixed" configuration is critical for maintaining the alignment and precision of the screw, even under heavy loads or high-speed operation.

3. Standard Ball Screws: Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. produces standard ball screws that are machined to seamlessly work with FK Screw Holders without requiring any modification. This compatibility ensures a hassle-free integration process, saving time and resources for machine builders and users.

FF "Simple/Floating" Supports:

In contrast to the "fixed" end supports, FF "simple/floating" supports are designed with a different purpose in mind. These supports typically consist of a standard ball bearing that provides rotational support at the end of the ball screw opposite to where the drive, often a motor or pulley, is located. FF supports offer the flexibility to accommodate slight misalignments and variations in the system, making them ideal for certain applications.

In conclusion, ball screw housing FK Screw Holders, such as those provided by Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd., are instrumental in optimizing the performance and precision of engraving machines and various other automated systems. These accessories play a vital role in securing and aligning ball screws, ensuring smooth and efficient linear motion. As technology and engineering continue to advance, the synergy between ball screws and their accessories like FK holders remains at the forefront of enhancing the capabilities of modern machinery.

In the realm of precision machinery, the Ball Screw Housing FK Screw Holder serves as a linchpin for engraving machine accessories. Crafted by Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd., these holders guarantee stability, precision, and seamless integration with standard ball screws. Whether in manufacturing, automation, or machining, these accessories enable the kind of precision and efficiency that drive the performance of modern machinery to new heights.