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LGD12E Anticorrosive linear guide/One block with 4 rolling bearing

2.Number of sliders on the supporting rail B1: 1, B2: 2, B3: 3
3.Slide length(1800mm):shaft: heat treatment(HRC60 +2),degree hard chrome and grinding
1 Model No: LGD12E
2 Number of blocks per track rail:B1: 1Block B2: 2Blocks B3: 3Blocks
3 Length of track rail (1800mm):Shaft: Hardened(HRC60+2)groud and chromium plated
  • Main Parameter
  • Design Diagram
  • Shaft
    Basic static
    load rating
    Basic dynamic
    load rating
    Allowable static moment Weight


    Track rail
    12 140 230 4.3 3.2 3.8 0.36 3.2
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We are a custom new precision ground ball screw SFY series low friction ball screw supplier and a China LGD12E Anticorrosive linear guide/One block with 4 rolling bearing company who do OEM/ODM. The company's products are widely used in automation equipment, packaging machinery, printing machinery, food machinery, instruments and apparatus, woodworking machinery, automobile, high-speed railway, engraving machines and other industrial machinery industries. We have a good reputation in the field of automation production both in China and in other countries, and we have supplied to China domestic, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, Australia and other countries. The company regards creating maximum value for customers as its responsibility, and wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality, professional and satisfactory products.

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More Information About LGD12E Anticorrosive linear guide/One block with 4 rolling bearing

In the realm of linear motion systems, precision, reliability, and resistance to environmental factors are paramount. Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd., a renowned leader in industrial automation solutions, proudly introduces the LGD12E Anticorrosive Linear Guide, a cutting-edge product designed to redefine linear motion control in challenging conditions.

Exceptional Design and Features:

The LGD12E is engineered with precision and performance in mind. With an elegantly simple yet robust design, it serves as a guiding force for machinery and equipment in various industries. The star feature of this linear guide is its unique composition:

1. Corrosion Resistance: The LGD12E stands tall as an ideal solution for applications where corrosion is a constant threat. The innovative design incorporates materials and coatings that defy the corrosive effects of harsh environments. Whether in marine applications, chemical industries, or coastal operations, this linear guide is built to withstand the test of time.

2. Superior Load Capacity: This high-capacity linear guide can manage substantial loads, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks across diverse industries. It empowers engineers and manufacturers to tackle ambitious projects with confidence.

3. Four Rolling Bearings: One of the standout features of the LGD12E is its unique four rolling bearing design, which enhances load-carrying capacity, stability, and precision. This translates to smoother and more accurate motion, critical for applications where precision is non-negotiable.

4. Maintenance-Free Operation: Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has engineered the LGD12E to operate virtually maintenance-free. This ensures that your machinery and equipment stay in optimal working condition while reducing downtime and operational costs.

Applications Across Industries:

The LGD12E Anticorrosive Linear Guide is a versatile solution that finds applications across a wide array of industries:

- Marine and Offshore: The resistance to corrosion makes it the ideal choice for marine and offshore applications where exposure to saltwater and harsh conditions is common.

- Chemical Processing: In chemical industries, where exposure to corrosive substances is high, this linear guide ensures equipment longevity and precise operation.

- Manufacturing and Automation: The LGD12E is a valuable component in manufacturing and automation systems, guaranteeing the precision required in modern production environments.

- Renewable Energy: In renewable energy applications like wind turbines and solar panel tracking systems, this guide plays a crucial role in maintaining efficiency and durability.

Why Choose Zhejiang Huayu's LGD12E Anticorrosive Linear Guide:

Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has a longstanding reputation for producing top-quality industrial automation solutions. The LGD12E is no exception, reflecting the company's commitment to innovation, performance, and durability. With its corrosion resistance, high load capacity, and precision-enhancing design, this linear guide stands as a testament to Zhejiang Huayu's dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for the modern industrial landscape.

In conclusion, the LGD12E Anticorrosive Linear Guide from Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a pioneering product that addresses the growing demand for precision, durability, and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Its innovative design, featuring four rolling bearings, makes it a standout choice for industries where precision and performance are paramount. With the LGD12E, Zhejiang Huayu reaffirms its commitment to delivering excellence in industrial automation.

The LGD12E Anticorrosive Linear Guide by Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. epitomizes innovation in the field of industrial automation. With its superior corrosion resistance, impressive load capacity, and maintenance-free operation, it's a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of industries, from offshore and chemical processing to manufacturing and renewable energy applications. When precision, durability, and performance are non-negotiable, the LGD12E stands as a testament to Zhejiang Huayu's unwavering commitment to excellence.