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TBR-UU&TBR-LUU TBR Linear motion ball slide units

Universal linear bearings for use in Industry, home appliances and where reliability and quiet motion are required.
  • Main Parameter
  • Design Diagram
  • Slider model
    Shaft size Basic load rating Dimensions
    Cooperate with linear bearings
    W G A M S1 J K E h Model Basic load rating
    TBR 16UU ∅16 392 490 62 26 8 42 M5 50 30 31 18 LM16UU-OP 392 490
    TBR 20UU ∅20 784 1176 68 31 10 51 M6 54 37 34 21 LM20UU-OP 784 1176
    TBR 25UU ∅25 1168 2352 82 41 12 65 M8 65 50 41 28 LM25UU-OP 1568 2352
    TBR 30UU ∅30 1764 2940 91 48 12 75 M8 75 60 45.5 33.5 LM30UU-OP 1764 2940
    TBR 16LUU ∅16 780 980 62 26 8 85 M5 50 60 31 18 LM16LUU-OP 392 490
    TBR 20LUU ∅20 1568 2352 68 31 10 96 M6 54 70 34 21 LM20LUU-OP 784 1176
    TBR 25LUU ∅25 3136 4704 82 41 12 130 M8 65 100 41 28 LM25LUU-OP 1568 2352
    TBR 30LUU ∅30 3528 5880 91 48 12 140 M8 75 110 45.5 33.5 LM30LUU-OP 1764 2940
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We are a custom new precision ground ball screw SFY series low friction ball screw supplier and a China TBR-UU&TBR-LUU TBR Linear motion ball slide units company who do OEM/ODM. The company's products are widely used in automation equipment, packaging machinery, printing machinery, food machinery, instruments and apparatus, woodworking machinery, automobile, high-speed railway, engraving machines and other industrial machinery industries. We have a good reputation in the field of automation production both in China and in other countries, and we have supplied to China domestic, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, Australia and other countries. The company regards creating maximum value for customers as its responsibility, and wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality, professional and satisfactory products.

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More Information About TBR-UU&TBR-LUU TBR Linear Motion Ball Slide Units

When it comes to achieving precise linear motion in various industrial applications, TBR-UU and TBR-LUU units have become go-to choices. These Linear Motion Ball Slide Units offer exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility, making them indispensable components in numerous mechanical systems.

TBR-UU and TBR-LUU are part of the renowned TBR series, renowned for their outstanding quality and efficiency. These units are engineered to provide smooth and accurate linear motion, enabling machines and equipment to operate flawlessly. Let's take a closer look at these exceptional ball slide units.

The TBR-UU and TBR-LUU units are specifically designed for different applications, offering tailored solutions to meet various needs. The TBR-UU unit, with its compact and lightweight design, is perfect for applications where space is limited. On the other hand, the TBR-LUU unit provides a longer stroke length, making it ideal for applications requiring extended travel distances.

One of the key features that sets TBR-UU and TBR-LUU apart is their use of high-quality ball bearings. These precision bearings minimize friction and ensure smooth linear motion, even under heavy loads. The ball bearings are meticulously manufactured to provide exceptional durability and longevity, reducing maintenance requirements and maximizing operational efficiency.

Furthermore, TBR-UU and TBR-LUU units are constructed with high-grade materials that guarantee robustness and stability. The units are crafted to withstand demanding working conditions, such as high temperatures, vibrations, and corrosive environments. This durability ensures that the units can endure continuous operation without compromising performance.

Installation and integration of TBR-UU and TBR-LUU units are straightforward, thanks to their user-friendly design. The units come with pre-drilled holes and mounting options, allowing for easy attachment to existing structures or equipment. This simplicity not only saves time during installation but also facilitates future maintenance or replacement if required.

Moreover, TBR-UU and TBR-LUU units offer excellent versatility, catering to a wide range of applications across industries. Whether it's precision machining, robotics, automation, or any other application requiring linear motion, these units provide the necessary reliability and accuracy. Their adaptability makes them indispensable in various sectors, contributing to improved productivity and overall operational efficiency.

In conclusion, TBR-UU and TBR-LUU units from the TBR series are exceptional linear motion ball slide units that excel in performance, reliability, and versatility. With their compact design, precision ball bearings, robust construction, and ease of installation, these units provide seamless linear motion in diverse industrial applications. Whether you need compact units for limited space or extended stroke lengths for longer travel distances, TBR-UU and TBR-LUU units are the perfect choices. Invest in these outstanding ball slide units, and you can elevate the performance and efficiency of your mechanical systems to new heights.