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    Shaft designations Dimensions
    E h B H T F C S1 S2
    TBR 16 ∅16 25 22.14 50 14.96 6 18.71 37 ∅5.5 5.5*9.5*5.4 1.10
    TBR 20 ∅20 27.5 29.01 55 19.37 8 18.96 40 ∅5.5 5.5*9.5*5.4 1.80
    TBR 25 ∅25 32.5 31.97 65 20.14 10 20 45 ∅6.6 6.6*11*6.5 2.05
    TBR 30 ∅30 37.5 36.52 75 22.45 12 22.96 55 ∅6.6 6.6*11*6.5 2.80

    Support Rail Stand Lengths and Dimensions
    Designation TBR16 TBR20 TBR25 TBR30
    Standard length L 190 340 250 450
    240 640 450 850
    640 940 850 1250
    940 1240 1250 1450
    N 20 20 25 25
    P 150 150 200 200
    Max.Length 6000 6000 6000 6000
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We are a custom new precision ground ball screw SFY series low friction ball screw supplier and a China TBR Linear motion ball slide guide company who do OEM/ODM. The company's products are widely used in automation equipment, packaging machinery, printing machinery, food machinery, instruments and apparatus, woodworking machinery, automobile, high-speed railway, engraving machines and other industrial machinery industries. We have a good reputation in the field of automation production both in China and in other countries, and we have supplied to China domestic, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, Australia and other countries. The company regards creating maximum value for customers as its responsibility, and wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality, professional and satisfactory products.

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More Information About TBR Linear Motion Ball Slide Guide

The TBR Linear Motion Ball Slide Guide is a versatile and high-performance solution for linear motion applications. Designed with precision and engineering excellence, this guide offers numerous advantages that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and durability in various industrial settings.

1. Exceptional Precision: Precision is paramount in linear motion systems, and the TBR Linear Motion Ball Slide Guide delivers unrivaled accuracy. The incorporation of high-quality ball bearings ensures smooth and precise movement, minimizing friction and play. This precision is critical in applications such as CNC machining, semiconductor manufacturing, and medical equipment, where even the slightest deviation can lead to compromised results.

2. Smooth and Reliable Operation: The TBR Linear Motion Ball Slide Guide's ball-bearing-based design enables smooth and consistent motion along the guide rail. The rolling contact between the balls and the rail reduces friction and eliminates stick-slip motion, resulting in stable and reliable operation. This feature is particularly advantageous in applications that require high-speed and high-load handling, enabling precise and efficient linear motion.

3. High Load Capacity: The TBR Linear Motion Ball Slide Guide boasts a robust construction that allows it to handle substantial loads. The guide rail and slide unit are engineered to withstand the forces exerted during operation, ensuring optimal performance even in demanding industrial environments. This load-bearing capability makes the guide suitable for applications involving heavy machinery, robotics, and automation systems.

4. Rigidity and Stability: The TBR Linear Motion Ball Slide Guide offers exceptional rigidity, minimizing deflection and maintaining positional accuracy during operation. The guide rail and slide unit are constructed with materials known for their rigidity and strength, ensuring stability and reducing vibration. This rigidity is crucial in applications that require precise positioning and high cutting forces, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance.

5. Wide Range of Applications: The TBR Linear Motion Ball Slide Guide finds extensive use in diverse industrial sectors. Its versatility makes it suitable for applications in CNC machines, electronic equipment manufacturing, packaging machinery, and many more. From guiding cutting tools in machining centers to facilitating smooth movement in automated assembly lines, this guide provides the necessary precision and stability to optimize productivity and quality.

6. Easy Installation and Maintenance: The TBR Linear Motion Ball Slide Guide is designed for straightforward installation and minimal maintenance. The slide unit's compact design and standardized dimensions simplify integration into existing systems. Additionally, the guide's self-lubricating properties and robust construction reduce the need for frequent maintenance, ensuring long-lasting performance and reducing downtime.

In conclusion, the TBR Linear Motion Ball Slide Guide is a reliable and high-performance solution for linear motion systems. Its exceptional precision, smooth operation, high load capacity, rigidity, and stability make it a preferred choice in various industrial applications. From precision machining to automation, this guide enables precise and efficient linear motion, contributing to enhanced productivity and superior quality. With its easy installation and low maintenance requirements, the TBR Linear Motion Ball Slide Guide offers a seamless solution for optimizing linear motion in a wide range of industries.