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Model: MGW Series

MGW-C Standard Type/MGW-H Extended Type Square Linear Guide

When using a linear guide as a linear guide, since the friction method of the linear guide is rolling friction, not only the friction coefficient is reduced to 1/50 of the sliding guide, but also the gap between dynamic friction and static friction becomes very small. Therefore, when the platform is running, there will be no slippage, and the positioning accuracy of μm level can be achieved.
  • Main Parameter
  • Design Diagram
  • Model Component Dimensions
    Slider Dimensions
    Rail Dimensions
    Rail Fixing Bolt Size Basic Dynamic Load Rating Basic Static Load Rating Allowable Static Moment Weight
    H H1 N W B B1 C L1 L G GN M*l H2 WR WB HR D h d P E (mm) C(kN) C0(kN) MR
    Guide Rail
    MGW7C 9 1.9 5.5 25 19 3 10 21 31.2 - ∅1.2 M3*3 1.85 14 - 5.2 6 3.2 3.5 30 10 M3*6 1.37 2.06 15.70 7.14 7.14 0.020 0.51
    MGW7H 19 30.8 41 1.77 3.14 23.45 15.53 15.53 0.026
    MGW9C 12 2.9 6 30 21 4.5 12 27.5 39.3 - ∅1.2 M3*3 2.4 18 - 7 6 4.5 3.5 30 10 M3*8 2.75 4.12 40.12 18.96 18.96 0.040 0.91
    MGW9H 23 3.5 24 38.5 50.7 3.43 5.89 54.54 34.00 34.00 0.057
    MGW12C 14 3.4 8 40 28 6 15 31.3 46.1 - ∅1.2 M3*3.6 2.8 24 - 8.5 8 4.5 4.5 40 15 M4*8 3.92 5.59 70.34 27.80 27.80 0.071 1.49
    MGW12H 28 45.6 60.4 5.10 8.24 102.70 57.37 57.37 0.103
    MGW15C 16 3.4 9 60 45 7.5 20 38 54.8 5.2 M3 M4*4.2 3.2 42 23 9.5 8 4.5 4.5 40 15 M4*10 6.77 9.22 199.34 56.66 56.66 0.143 2.86
    MGW15H 35 57 73.8 8.93 13.38 13.38 122.60 122.60 0.215
    Note: 1kgf=9.81N
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More Information About MGW-C Standard Type/MGW-H Extended Type Square Linear Guide

Expanding on the Advantages of Linear Guides with MGW-C Standard Type and MGW-H Extended Type Square Linear Guide

In the world of precision engineering and automation, achieving exceptional accuracy and reliability in motion control is paramount. For professionals and industries that demand micro-level positioning accuracy, the choice of linear motion components can significantly impact the performance of the system. In this regard, products like the MGW-C Standard Type and MGW-H Extended Type Square Linear Guides, offered by Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd., play a pivotal role in ensuring impeccable precision and consistency.

Reduced Friction, Enhanced Accuracy:

The excerpt discusses the principle of using rolling friction in linear guides, which leads to a substantial reduction in friction coefficients compared to traditional sliding guides. This shift in friction mechanism is a fundamental advantage offered by linear guides like the MGW-C and MGW-H. When using these guides, friction coefficients are lowered to approximately 1/50 of those associated with sliding guides, greatly enhancing the efficiency of linear motion systems.

Furthermore, the linear guides' design leads to a minimal gap between dynamic friction and static friction, a critical feature that ensures there's no slippage during operation. This absence of slippage is vital in applications where precision and reliability are non-negotiable, enabling positioning accuracy at the micro-level, measured in micrometers (μm).

Introducing MGW-C Standard Type and MGW-H Extended Type Square Linear Guides:

Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a distinguished manufacturer of linear motion components, and its MGW-C Standard Type and MGW-H Extended Type Square Linear Guides are no exception. These guides are engineered to meet the stringent requirements of modern industrial and automation applications, delivering precision, durability, and consistent performance.

1. MGW-C Standard Type Square Linear Guide:

The MGW-C Standard Type Linear Guide is characterized by its compact design and exceptional load-bearing capacity. The use of rolling friction in this linear guide minimizes the friction coefficients, allowing for smoother and more efficient linear motion. The MGW-C is designed for applications that demand reliable and precise movement, making it a favorite among automation engineers and machine builders.

2. MGW-H Extended Type Square Linear Guide:

The MGW-H Extended Type Linear Guide takes the precision and performance of the MGW-C a step further. It features an extended carriage for increased load capacity and higher rigidity, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications. This guide is particularly well-suited for machinery and equipment that operate under extreme loads and require micro-level positioning accuracy.

Applications Across Industries:

The MGW-C and MGW-H linear guides are versatile solutions with applications spanning multiple industries. They are commonly found in the manufacturing sector, supporting the automation of processes like CNC machining, laser cutting, and 3D printing. In semiconductor manufacturing, these linear guides are instrumental in ensuring precise wafer positioning. The medical field relies on them for applications involving diagnostic equipment, imaging devices, and robotic surgery systems, where precision is a critical factor.

In conclusion, the implementation of products like the MGW-C Standard Type and MGW-H Extended Type Square Linear Guides, which operate on the principle of rolling friction, significantly elevates the precision and efficiency of linear motion systems. Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd.'s commitment to delivering these high-quality linear guides reflects its dedication to advancing automation and precision engineering across a wide spectrum of industries. With these exceptional linear guides, achieving micro-level positioning accuracy has become not only achievable but also a standard in the world of automation and industrial machinery.