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Model: HG Series

HGR-T Bottom Locking Linear Guides

Easy to assemble and interchange. When assembling, you only need to mill or grind the assembly surface of the guide rail on the bed, and fix the guide rail and slider on the machine table with a specific torque according to the recommended steps, and the high precision during processing can be reproduced. The traditional sliding guide needs to shovel off the running track, which is labor-intensive and time-consuming, and once the accuracy of the machine is poor, it must be shoveled again. The linear guide rail is highly interchangeable, the slider or guide rail or even the linear guide rail group can be replaced individually, and the machine regains high-precision guidance.
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  • Model Rail Dimensions
    WR HR S h P E Kg/m
    HGR15T 15 15 M5*0.8P 8 60 20 1.48
    HGR20T 20 17.5 M6*1P 10 60 20 2.29
    HGR25T 23 22 M6*1P 12 60 20 3.35
    HGR30T 28 26 M8*1.25P 15 80 20 4.67
    HGR35T 34 29 M8*1.25P 17 80 20 6.51
    HGR45T 45 38 M12*1.75P 24 105 22.5 10.87
    HGR55T 53 44 M14*2P 24 120 30 15.67
    HGR65T 63 53 M20*2.5P 30 150 35 21.73
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More Information About HGR-T Bottom Locking Linear Guides

Building upon the convenience and precision of the assembly process you've described, let's delve into the innovative HGR-T Bottom Locking Linear Guides, a flagship product from Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. This cutting-edge linear guide system has transformed the industrial landscape, bringing efficiency and accuracy to a wide range of applications.

Introducing HGR-T Bottom Locking Linear Guides

The HGR-T Bottom Locking Linear Guides represent a paradigm shift in precision engineering. These guides are designed for use in various machinery and automation systems, where accuracy, reliability, and ease of assembly are paramount.

Precision Redefined

The core of the HGR-T system lies in its ability to deliver exceptional precision. Traditional sliding guides often require extensive manual work, including the labor-intensive task of resurfacing the running track. With HGR-T, this challenge is eliminated. By following the straightforward assembly process you've outlined, the machine can consistently achieve high precision during processing. This system's inherent interchangeability ensures that the accuracy remains reliable, with minimal downtime for maintenance.

Efficiency and Interchangeability

The HGR-T guides boast exceptional interchangeability. Users can replace individual components, such as the slider or guide rail, without the need for an extensive overhaul of the entire system. This feature not only saves time but also reduces operational costs, making it a valuable asset for industries that rely on uninterrupted and precise operations.

Streamlined Assembly

Assembly of the HGR-T Bottom Locking Linear Guides is a straightforward process. The need for labor-intensive tasks like shoveling off running tracks, often associated with traditional sliding guides, is eliminated. By milling or grinding the assembly surface of the guide rail and securing the rail and slider according to recommended torque values, businesses can efficiently assemble and disassemble the system as needed, further enhancing productivity and reducing maintenance costs.

Applications Across Industries

Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has engineered the HGR-T guides to cater to a broad spectrum of industries. Whether it's precision manufacturing, robotics, or CNC machining, these guides provide a robust foundation for various applications. Their ability to maintain accuracy under heavy loads and harsh conditions makes them suitable for diverse industrial environments.

The HGR-T Bottom Locking Linear Guides from Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. have become the go-to solution for industries seeking precision, interchangeability, and operational efficiency. Their seamless assembly process eliminates the cumbersome task of track resurfacing, ensuring machines maintain high precision throughout their lifespan. The guides' exceptional interchangeability permits the replacement of individual components with ease, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. This innovation finds applications across industries, from precision manufacturing to robotics and CNC machining, delivering unwavering accuracy under heavy loads and challenging conditions. In a rapidly advancing world of automation, the HGR-T guides are a testament to the evolution of reliability and performance in industrial machinery.

In conclusion, the HGR-T Bottom Locking Linear Guides from Zhejiang Huayu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. exemplify a new era of precision and efficiency in the world of industrial automation. These guides simplify assembly and maintenance, reduce operational costs, and provide a robust foundation for applications across industries. As automation technology continues to advance, innovations like the HGR-T guides play a pivotal role in enhancing the performance and reliability of modern machinery.